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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • 30 Jun

    Collaborative Consumption: Is Ours better than Mine?

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    One of the big motivating factors for StageBitz has been the Groan-and-Forehead-Slap that happens whenever we consider:
    a) how we’re going to have to spend time making something we know must exist somewhere (when we could be spending more of that time on making somethinge genuinely unique and fabulous); and
    b) how much stuff there is lurking in prop/scenery/costume storerooms, destined to do naught but lurk the rest of their days (unless they spend some… Read more

    Published June 30, 2012 | Categories: Go Green, Industry Issues

  • 13 Jun

    Virtual Items: How to try it out before you drag it out of storage

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    Using a virtual wardrobe experience at store level. Top Shop.

    Ways to experience virtual items are popping all over the place in the everyday experience. I have come across more and more really groovy ways to view physical items virtually, be it furniture, clothing, hairdos, or anything else.
    These nifty little innovations lead me to think about what application they could have for us in the theatre, events or screen industries, because some of thse ideas are, frankly, pretty good fun and could, with a… Read more

    Published June 13, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff