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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • 31 Oct

    Ninja Blocks – the new cool trick up your sleeve

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    Everybody loves gadgets, right?  But useful gadgets are even better!
    There are so many times when I’ve needed to get something to drop onto the stage at just the right point, or trigger a noise or  mechanical action remotely, or wished I’d had another pair of hands backstage.
    I suspect Ninja Blocks would have saved me a truckload of time.
    Basically, the Ninja Blocks team have developed a range of fabulous mini-computers and devices (like… Read more

    Published October 31, 2012 | Categories: Fun Stuff

  • 29 Oct

    Startup News: StageBitz announces successful investment round

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    This is a very un-arts industry kind of announcement, but one we’re very pleased to make. StageBitz is making a little startup news after successfully securing investment for StageBitz.
    Over the past 12 months Mat and I have been working hard to create something of real value for our industry and also to demonstrate to the wider business community that there is something of real value here for them too.
    Today we can proudly say… Read more

    Published October 29, 2012 | Categories: News, Startup News

  • 15 Oct

    Creative industry innovation: Creative Enterprise Australia

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    One thing I have found as Mat and I have been developing StageBitz is that They (you know, ‘they say’, thoses Theys) are always amazed when they find out exactly how We (you know, the creative industries) operate.
    They are astounded that We are as large as we are
    They are impressed that We contribute as much to the economy as We do
    They are baffled at how We can set a deadline (like opening… Read more

    Published October 15, 2012 | Categories: Industry Issues, Startup News