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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • 18 Feb

    Backstage stories: How I almost ruined the show…

    By , our Director of Product Development

    We’ve all got backstage stories.
    Recently I wrote a post called ‘6 Must-Haves When Working on Set.‘
    No.4 was honesty and how owning mistakes earns respect in a team.
    This got me thinking about the worst mistake I ever made that nearly destroyed an entire set and cancelled opening night.
    It was Christmas back in 2000, I had only been working professionally as a prop maker and scenic artist for less than 4 years but… Read more

    Published February 18, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff, Industry Issues, Safety

  • 14 Feb

    Props Lists, and Costume Lists and Scenery Lists… Oh My!

    By , our CEO and Co-founder

    “Props Lists, and Costume Lists and Scenery Lists… Oh My!”
    That’s what Dorothy would have said had she opened up StageBitz today! We’re very pleased to say that no longer will you have to organise your Items via our generic Item Brief List.
    That’s right, you can now create specific Prop, Costume, Scenery, Lighting, Audio and Hair & Make-up Lists, as well as a dozen other types. And they’ll be there right on your Project… Read more

    Published February 14, 2013 | Categories: Development

  • 06 Feb

    How DO you store an enormous wicker giraffe?

    By , our CEO and Co-founder

    Why, next to the giant stacked dice, of course!
    I forgot to get a photo of the dice, but here is the magnificent giraffe that adorns the foyer of Polyglot Theatre’s performance space. There are some theatres you go to which feel theatrical because they have lovely posters, a bit of theming etc. Then there are others which feel theatrical because it’s really, really clear that there are a whole heap of passionate production folk… Read more

    Published February 6, 2013 | Categories: Development, Featured Artists, Industry Issues

  • 05 Feb

    6 Must-Haves for working on set

    By , our Director of Product Development

    When the set, props and dressing is being fitted onstage for the first time there is a limited amount of time to get everything ready before you’re plunged into darkness for the first lighting session.
    I’ve put hundreds of props and sets on stage and mostly it’s been an very enjoyable and satisfying experience. The teams that consistently do the best work and enjoy the experience the most all keep these things in their tool… Read more

    Published February 5, 2013 | Categories: Communication, Fun Stuff, Uncategorized