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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • 14 Mar

    StageBitz features: Company Inventory is HERE!

    By , our

    (And we’ve improved attaching files, but more on that later)
    Mat and I are very pleased to announce that the Company Inventory is finally here and ready to rock.  If you haven’t been following the development, here’s what it’s all about.
    While lots of companies out there have storerooms full of great ‘stuff’, very few have a detailed inventory of what they own, or if they do, it’s only accessible to a few people.  This… Read more

    Published March 14, 2013 | Categories: Development, Industry Issues

  • 05 Mar

    Your Friendly Props Hire Store

    By , our Director of Product Development


    We would like to extend our biggest thanks to our friends at Opera Australia who very kindly allowed us to use their props store as a venue for a photo shoot last week.
    It’s a great space full to the brim with props from shows no longer in the repertoire that are lovingly cared for by Simon and James who look after not only the props but the many customers who search the isles for… Read more

    Published March 5, 2013 | Categories: Development, Industry Issues

  • 02 Mar

    An Ode to my Leatherman

    By , our CEO and Co-founder

    Two things happened this week that reminded me how omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent a good Stage Manager can appear to be sometimes.
    The first was that it was my birthday, and my husband gave me a new Leatherman.  My original Leatherman had been given to me by my parents when I was 19 or 20 and studying theatre production at uni.  All the other kids had them, and I had serious tool envy on one… Read more

    Published March 2, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff, Industry Issues