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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • 25 Jul

    Calling all Prop Makers: World Stage Design 2013 needs you

    By , our Director of Product Development

    As you know, StageBitz is a proud sponsor of World Stage Design 2013 (WSD2013 for those in the know).  As such, they’ve asked us to spread the word to any prop makers and craftspeople in the UK. The WSD2013 team are on the lookout for assistance to help build and finish a series of carts for their marketplace.
    It will involve a trip to Cardiff and sounds like a lot of fun!
    We’ve collected some… Read more

    Published July 25, 2013 | Categories: Events, Fun Stuff, Links, News

  • 08 Jul

    How Glyndebourne Opera got their Austin Healey car onstage

    By , our Director of Product Development

    When I was in the UK for the ABTT Theatre Show last month, I caught up with Paul Brown, Head of Props, from Glyndebourne Opera last week to find out what he has been up to recently.
    It turns out they have been rather busy in the Props workshop. In fact they have been employing more Props staff over the last year to keep up with the quantity and quality of work required of them.  … Read more

    Published July 8, 2013 | Categories: Featured Artists, Fun Stuff

  • 04 Jul

    Stage Inspiration: How to keep calm and pat your own back

    By , our Content Gal

    2013 Good things jar. Photo: NY Through the Lens.

    Everyone needs a little stage inspiration every now and then. Being creative can be pretty taxing. You’re already armed with a head that is jumble full of off-the-wall ideas. You throw yourself into what you do and work long hours. Most of what you do revolves around putting yourself out there for a lot of people to see.
    It can be like riding a see-saw of lost time, frustrations, birthing and killing creative ideas, working… Read more

    Published July 4, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff