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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • 29 Apr

    Safety in the entertainment industry with Janet Sellery

    By , our Content Gal

    Anyone who has ever worked backstage knows how important safety can be. No more than Janet Sellery from Sellery Health and Safety in Canada. A former stage manager turned safety consultant to the entertainment industry, Janet helps theatre and all kinds of live event based creative practitioners play it safe on a daily basis.
    StageBitz caught up with Janet to talk safety in the entertainment industry and discover what lead to such a transformation in… Read more

    Published April 29, 2014 | Categories: Education and Training, Featured Artists, Industry Issues, News

  • 24 Apr

    StageBitz visits Ross Hall and The Victorian Opera

    By , our Content Gal

    Ross Hall is the Head of Wardrobe for Victorian Opera, and is responsible for getting the costumes together for 6 or so productions every year.  They have everything from contemporary clothing through to period and fantastical costumes, and they’re keen to see them earn their keep.
    Ross and his team of 3 are using 2014 to not only keep adding new creations to the collection, but to also document the existing items with the StageBitz… Read more

    Published April 24, 2014 | Categories: Education and Training, Feedback, StageBitz Users

  • 15 Apr

    Creative storage, re-use and more with Kept Set Logistics

    By , our Content Gal

    In a business where inventory, having accurate condition reports on equipment and knowing what is and isn’t in use can make or break your business, we know there is a lot to learn from logistics and warehousing. Luckily, we had the chance recently to scoop out the knowledge and ideas from one of the UK’s most respected backstage logistics, transportation, storage and warehousing companies servicing the creative industries.
    StageBitz catches up with the journey of… Read more

    Published April 15, 2014 | Categories: Featured Artists, Go Green, News

  • 09 Apr

    Uncovering the gems from Sunset Boulevard at Really Useful Group

    By , our

    Recently we were asked by the Really Useful Group, Asia Pacific, to go out to their Adelaide store and document the props from their 1996 production of Sunset Boulevard which have been in storage for the last 17 years.  There are some amazing items in there which could be of huge use to other productions, be they screen, stage or advertising, and RUG was keen to get them out from under the dust-covers, work… Read more

    Published April 9, 2014 | Categories: Featured Artists, Fun Stuff, News, StageBitz Users, Uncategorized

  • 09 Apr

    Dundee Rep Theatre and Creative Spaces

    By , our Content Gal

    Dundee Rep Theatre has an amazing list of achievements to its name. The Rep itself was founded in 1939 and with the ensemble acting company created in 1999. Since 1999, Dundee Rep has created more award winning works than any company in Scotland and has seen a phenomenal 25,000 students through their doors for creative learning programmes.  This year, Dundee Rep Theatre is reaching for the dizzying heights of setting this year’s Creative Spaces competition.… Read more

    Published April 9, 2014 | Categories: Education and Training, Featured Artists, Fun Stuff, News

  • 02 Apr

    From cosplay to costuming: The backstage life of Gina Greco

    By , our Content Gal

    Cosplay (noun)
    The practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga or anime.
    At StageBitz, we have people from all sorts of backgrounds contact us and use our tools in ways we never fully imagined.  After the recent trip of our CEO, Catherine, to Toronto, we noticed a few cosplay folks start using the system. Curious, we contacted one of… Read more

    Published April 2, 2014 | Categories: Featured Artists, Fun Stuff, StageBitz Users