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22 Jul

Location, Location! New Inventory organization features

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We’re really pleased to say that one of our most requested features is now available; a fixed location structure within the inventory to help you sort, organise and generally manage all your stuff.

Up until now, while you could specify storage locations within StageBitz, it was just free text.  So you had to enter the location for each item individually.

Now we’ve created fixed locations that can be edited, moved and deleted; inventory organization in general is much easier now.

An example of the location structure within StageBitz

An example of how locations can be arranged in your StageBitz inventory

You can see in the example that locations can be arranged much the same way that you organise files on your computer; one location may have several nested within it, and so on.  This means that we cater for both the super simple…

e.g. “Let’s just have one location and
call it ‘Store Room A’!”

and the super complex…

e.g. “I want to store this on Shelf 4, Bay 3,
Aisle 2, Level 1, Building Z.”

All locations can be edited from your Manage Inventory section without having to fiddle about in each individual record.  We’ve even introduced our first bulk edit feature, which allows you to move your inventory items from one location to another en masse.

And, as always, we’ve added new, simple-to-follow articles to our support portal that cover all the Location features.  Two great places to start are:

We love hearing feedback from you on each new release, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the new Locations feature.  Post below, email support@stagebitz.com or share your thoughts at our support site.

Published July 22, 2014 | Categories: Development


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