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14 Oct

How to hide your items in the middle of your inventory

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One thing we are always asked whenever we demo StageBitz to anybody is ‘Can I hide some stuff from certain people, or can everyone see everything?’

And fair enough, too  - there may be things you want to keep track of, but don’t want to make available for use by others.  For example, your AV department may have some super-special mics that they keep for special events and don’t want generally ‘out there’.  Or your equipment which is permanently installed (e.g. foyer lighting) – if members of your team or guests to your inventory aren’t able to use them because they’re screwed to the ceiling, why have them clutter up your browsing?

So we’re pleased to say that we now have our Visibility feature available to make it easy to hide items in the middle of your inventory.

Here’s how it works.

  1. If you’ve got administrative rights to the Inventory, you can use Manager Mode
  2. If you can use Manager Mode, you can browse for the items or groups of items that you want to hide
  3. You can choose which level of inventory user can see them.  For example, you can hide them from everyone but you.  Or you may choose to make them visible to Inventory Staff, but not Inventory Observers
  4. You can also check or change the visibility of an item from its individual details page.
The new Visibility feature in StageBitz

It’s easy to choose who can see what in your inventory


All of the above is easily found via our support article, ‘Visibility of Items in your Inventory‘.

This is adding just another level of flexibility and control for every level of StageBitz user.  As always, our goal is to make it work for those of you with 300 items as well as those of you with 30,000 items.  The Visibility feature, combined with our Inventory Roles, means that you can really fine-tune your inventory to be as open or controlled as you like.

We’re also pleased to tell you that in the next few weeks we’ll be introducing our Location Manager feature.  This allows you to create ‘mini-inventories’ within your Company and thus create separate teams for each department.  So, for example, you may want your Props staff to be able to read and edit items in the Props Store, but you only want them to be able to view items in the Costume Store.  This will make managing bookings between departments smoother and make it even easier for our larger StageBitz members to get the most out of the system.

If you have any specific questions about how to hide items, or how this can work with your inventory roles, please just drop us a line at support@stagebitz.com.  We always enjoy your feedback.

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