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Author Archives: Catherine Prosser

  • 29 May

    Thank you for your support

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    The team at StageBitz would like to thank all our customers, advisors, supporters and friends in general for their assistance and encouragement over the years and wish them all the best for the future.… Read more

    Published May 17, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized

  • 29 Oct

    How to hide your items in the middle of your inventory

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    One thing we are always asked whenever we demo StageBitz to anybody is ‘Can I hide some stuff from certain people, or can everyone see everything?’
    And fair enough, too  - there may be things you want to keep track of, but don’t want to make available for use by others.  For example, your AV department may have some super-special mics that they keep for special events and don’t want generally ‘out there’.  Or your… Read more

    Published October 14, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

  • 35 Jul

    Location, Location! New Inventory organization features

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    We’re really pleased to say that one of our most requested features is now available; a fixed location structure within the inventory to help you sort, organise and generally manage all your stuff.
    Up until now, while you could specify storage locations within StageBitz, it was just free text.  So you had to enter the location for each item individually.
    Now we’ve created fixed locations that can be edited, moved and deleted; inventory organization in… Read more

    Published July 22, 2014 | Categories: Development

  • 58 May

    The Backstage World of ‘The House of Dancing Water’

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    Meet Anna Robb, General Stage Manager for the ground-breaking “House of Dancing Water” production created by Franco Dragone of Cirque du Soleil fame. This incredible production premiered at City of Dreams in Macau in 2010. Anna was kind enough to share some time with us and help us discover the ins and outs of backstage life with this amazing show.
    Tell us about your  start and early career
    I studied an Honours Degree in Bachelor… Read more

    Published May 8, 2014 | Categories: Featured Artists

  • 41 Apr

    Uncovering the gems from Sunset Boulevard at Really Useful Group

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    Recently we were asked by the Really Useful Group, Asia Pacific, to go out to their Adelaide store and document the props from their 1996 production of Sunset Boulevard which have been in storage for the last 17 years.  There are some amazing items in there which could be of huge use to other productions, be they screen, stage or advertising, and RUG was keen to get them out from under the dust-covers, work… Read more

    Published April 9, 2014 | Categories: Featured Artists, Fun Stuff, News, StageBitz Users, Uncategorized

  • 21 Jan

    An online inventory – it’s easier than you think!

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    It’s been a couple of months now since we released our app and also the ability to import existing inventories into StageBitz.  Both were big and new things for us, so we’re very pleased to report on how they’ve gone and what we’ve learned.
    While we’ve had plenty of customers using the app without our involvement, we have been very hands-on in a couple of instances.  For one member, we went in and provided training… Read more

    Published January 27, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

  • 17 Oct

    Behind the Scenes on King Kong: a Stage Manager’s view

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    In celebration of the first ever Stage Manager’s Day, we asked Felicity Hollingbery, Stage Manager of King Kong Live On Stage to share some of her ‘behind the scenes’ experiences of this truly larger than life show.  I was lucky enough to see this show in August, and it is truly astounding on so many levels.  Kong himself was the perfect puppet for me; you could see all the wires and the puppeteers, but you… Read more

    Published October 10, 2013 | Categories: Featured Artists, Fun Stuff, News

  • 32 Sep

    Dr Who Props: Egg Whisk or Tardis Generator?

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    Daleks, improvised props, wobbly sets, rubbery faced aliens; it’s all part of the old-time Dr Who that so many of us know and love.  Although the new series has done a great job of keeping some of that extra-terrestrial kitsch while updating the production values substantially, I think any prop or costume maker, scenic painter or make-up artist worth their salt would probably kill to work on either the new or the old.  Dr Who… Read more

    Published September 16, 2013 | Categories: Fun Stuff

  • 28 Aug

    Does using StageBitz mean I will be glued to my computer?

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    If I start using StageBItz, will I have to spend a lot of time on my computer? 
    That’s something we get asked a lot at StageBitz when people are considering making the leap from spreadsheets and emails to the streamlined beauty of the cloud.  We’ve been tracking the time our users are spending in the system, and now we can provide some definitive answers!
    2 minutes or 2 hours; it’s really up to you.
    Many… Read more

    Published August 22, 2013 | Categories: Communication, Industry Issues, StageBitz Users

  • 00 Aug

    Multimedia Meister Kim O’Connell talks video in theatre

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    Video in theatre – technology for technology’s sake, or an astounding way to add depth to a piece?
    Kim O’Connell is the man to answer this question.  A graduate of the Film & TV program at RMIT, he has since worked as director and video designer on documentaries, events, theatre productions and even worked in the field of e-books.  He’s also toured Australia as the production manager for HIT Productions, so he’s covered this question… Read more

    Published August 22, 2013 | Categories: Featured Artists, Reviews